Wow, it’s been a while. The last time I wrote a blog was October 2015, after I got back from spring break in Bali. Since then, so much has happened; there’s no way I could possibly even summarize it to my liking. Oh well, I’ll try anyways. Here it is in a list:

took finals in Melbourne, travelled to New Zealand with my dad and made a video, travelled to Tasmania and made another video, spent Christmas on the beach in Sydney with my mom and sister, saw the skyscrapers in Gold Coast, celebrated the New Year in Brisbane, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, finally saw a crocodile (!), flew home, trained my ass off, met a girl named Sarah, finished the Redlands Classic for the first time, fell in love with Sarah, finished my junior year at Cal, raced collegiate nationals in Asheville, NC, drove home from Asheville with Alex, TA’ed for a computer architecture class over the summer, flew to Louisville for elite nationals, flew to North Carolina for a family reunion, camped in the Sierras with Sarah, hung out in Laytonville with Sarah, toured up the PCH with Sarah, and had the best summer of my life thanks to Sarah.

The last year has flown by, and sometimes I can barely believe how much I’ve done since stepping on a plane to Australia 13 months ago. I don’t think I’ve changed too much as a person, but I’ll let others be the judge of that. What I do know is that I wouldn’t change a single thing I’ve done over the past year, and I have no doubt that it has been the most transformational period of my life. I’m at a place with cycling where I love riding and racing, but don’t feel guilty or inadequate if I have a bad race or skip a training day because I’m sick or just want to do something else. Meeting Sarah and diving headfirst into my first relationship has been eye-opening and so much fun, and I have to thank her for helping me discover more about myself and being patient as I learn how to be a good boyfriend. Less seriously, I also turned 21 and had my first (legal) alcoholic drink in the United States, although you’d probably be surprised if you knew how many drinks I had on my actual birthday (spoiler: it’s 0).

I didn’t have much of a direction or point to this post planned out when I started writing it, but I guess I can probably chalk it up to the fact that I’m heading into another transitional period. For one thing, next week I’ll be starting my senior year of college, my final year of school for the foreseeable future. Companies start recruiting for full time positions as early as late August, which means I’ll have to face that taboo subject of real life sooner rather than later. Second, Sarah is starting vet school, so she’ll be in Utah at Utah State for two years and then in Washington at Washington state for another two after that. It won’t be easy, but I think my mom had the best advice when she told me just to have fun and not worry too much about what will happen.

There’s one other thing I remembered after I started writing this, and that’s a column I wrote back in 2012 when I was on my high school newspaper. I wrote it right after the presidential election, so it hasn’t quite been four years yet, but it has been a while, and I feel it fits in well with the theme of this post. Perhaps not all my predictions have come true, but it’s interesting seeing what I was thinking back then, and so without further ado, here it is: In Four Years Time. Take from it what you will.

Well, that’s all about all I wanted to say, so I’ll end with a few more of my favorite photos from the past nine months. Until next time!

Bondi Beach on Christmas day.

Mom and sister after a day spent snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef.

Morning ride in Santa Barbara with Henry and Eric after a weekend spent racing in Los Angeles in February.

Winning Cal’s home criterium after lapping the field solo and leading Alex out for 2nd in late March (I’m the one with my head down and arms in the air).

Riding with Sarah and Cal Cycling in early May.

Hiking in Moab with Alex on the way back from North Carolina.

Goofing off at the top of Monitor Pass while camping in the Sierras with Sarah and her family.

Huddled around the fire at Sarah’s cabin in Laytonville.